How to Write a Business Letter for Import Inquiry

Contoh Surat Permintaan Penawaran dalam Bahasa Inggris

Inquiries merupakan salah satu bentuk surat permintaan penawaran. Surat permintaan penawaran dalam bahasa Inggris ini biasanya ditujukan untuk perusahaan yang berada di luar negari. Apabila sebuah perusahaan dalam negeri menulis surat permintaan penawaran dalam bahasa Inggris yang ditujukan untuk perusahaan di negara lain, artinya kegiatan tersebut merupakan bagian dari proses ekspor impor.
Karenanya, surat ini pun juga sering disebut sebagai import inquiry atau permintaan penawaran untuk import. Agar lebih jelas, pada bagian akhir artikel ini akan disajikan contoh surat permintaan penawaran dalam bahasa Inggris atau business latter for import inquiry.

An import inquiry is usually sent when a businessman wants some information from a company outside the country. Generally, business letter for import inquiry needs information about :
1.      The supply of goods
2.      Availability of goods
3.      Quotation or prices
4.      Terms and discounts
5.      Samples
6.      Delivery times and deadlines
7.      Leaflets or catalogues
8.      Method of transport
9.      Insurance
To write the business letter, we need to save unnecessary correspondence by giving full details that are relevant. If a prospective customer approaches suppliers for the first time, it is useful to tell them something about his own business, the kind of goods they need and for what purpose they are required.
In the case of customers of long standing or repeat orders, the inquiry may be very simple. Often a phone call or a post card will do, yet we need to know about how to write a business letter for import inquiry. Here is the example of a business letter for import inquiry. This document is about a Toronto businessman, that writes to an English manufacturer.

Hugs & Galdys
Ladies’ Clothing
111 Fan Avenue
Toronto, II. 101010

Messrss King & Clark
888 Fan Road
London WIC 11A

October 11, 2015
Gentlemen :

We saw your women’s dresses and suits at the London Fashion Show held in New York on October 2. The lines you showed for teenagers, the ‘Swinger’ dresses and trouser suits, would be most suitable for our market.

Would you kindly send us your quotation for spring and summer clothing that you could supply to us by the end of January next. We would require 1,200 dresses and suits in each of the sizes 11 -14, and 700 in sizes 9 and 15. Please quote c.i.f Toronto prices. Payment is normally made by letter of credit.

Thank you for an early reply.

                        Very truly yours,
                        Paul Blard, Jr.