How to Write a Business Letter for Domestic Inquiry

Bagaimana Menulis Surat Permintaan Penawaran dalam Bahasa Inggris

Inquiries secara sederhana dapat dipahami sebagai surat permintaan penawaran. Dalam menulis surat permintaan penawaran ini, tentu harus disesuaikan dengan perusahaan yang dituju. Dalam artian, apabila perusahaan yang dituju adalah perusahaan asing, maka surat permintaan penawaran juga harus ditulis dalam bahasa asing, atau yang umum adalah bahasa Inggris.
Biasanya, surat permintaan penawaran dalam bahasa Inggris yang dibuat oleh perusahaan dalam negeri untuk perusahaan di luar negeri, ditujukan untuk kegiatan ekspor impor. Namun, bisa juga sebuah domestic inquiry dibuat dalam bahasa Inggris. Berikut ini akan disajikan contoh domestic inquiry letter.
An inquiry is sent when a businessman wants some information, especially about :
1.      The supply of goods
2.      Leaflets or catalogues
3.      Quotation or prices
4.      Samples
5.      Terms and discounts
6.      Availability of goods
7.      Delivery times and deadlines
8.      Method of transport
9.      Insurance
In writing the business letter, we need to save unnecessary correspondence by giving full details that are relevant. If a prospective customer approaches suppliers for the first time, it is useful to tell them something about his own business, the kind of goods he needs and for what purpose they are required.
In the case of customers of long standing or repeat orders, the inquiry may be very simple. Often a phone call or a post card will do. Here is the example of a business letter for domestic inquiry. This document is about a building contractor. He writes to a manufacturer of bathroom showers.
Questions on the letter are about :
1.      How did Ben Gold Estate Builders hear of the Central Installation Company?
2.      What do they want a quotation for?
3.      On what conditions will they place orders?

Ben Gold Estate Builders
111 Gold Road
New Castle

Central Installations
31st October 2015

Dear Sirs,
With regard to your advertisement in the ‘Builders’ Journal’ of 23rd October, we would ask you to let us have a quotation for the new bathroom showers which are described.

As building contractors we erect about a hundred houses and two or three blocks of flats a year. If your equipment is good of quality, and we receive favorable offer, we may be able to place large orders with you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

P.R. Morgan

P.R. Morgan