How to Write Application Letters Best

Writing a Letter of Application is Quite Easy

When writing a letter of application, the applicant would like to say what job and conditions he or she would like to have. But, a good letter of application should contain facts the prospective employer wants to know, for instance what experience the applicant has, how useful s/he will be to the company.

If s/he has held several positions, it would be advisable for the applicant to submit a personal data sheet, our curriculum vitae, containing full personal details and information on past experience, education and certificates or degrees, special qualifications, and possibly references.

The letter can then serve to draw the reader’s attention to the candidate’s suitability for the vacancy. If you are starting your career and have had one or two jobs, or none at all, all the particulars can be included in the letter itself.

A contract of employment defines the conditions of work, the working hours holidays allowed, responsibilities and notice. It may contain a job description and give information on fringe benefits such as company pension scheme, bonuses, expenses and commission where applicable.

When employment is terminated by either party, notice has to be given in writing and the set period observed. Then, how to write an application letter best? The most important matter is to explain honestly about your self.

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Here a few mutual phrases for you that usually written in application letter.  
1.      Where reference to your advertisement in “The Times” of Wednesday, December 2nd, I would like to apply for the position of …. in your company.
2.      I recently heard from … that there is a vacancy in your account department.
3.      Please refer to the enclosed curriculum vitae/ personal data sheet for further particulars.
4.      I am used to working on my own.
5.      I would like the opportunity to work on my own initiative and to take on a certain amount of responsibility.
6.      During training for my present job I took courses in marketing and sales promotion.
7.      In view of my qualifications, I would expect a salary of about … , with the usual fringe benefits.
8.      I am at present earning … per annum, plus expenses.
9.      I would prefer to discuss the question of salary at personal meeting.
10.  The company with which I am employed at present does not, I feel, offer me enough scope to develop my own ideas.
11.  Since my present position offers little prospect for advancement, I should prefer to employed in an expanding organization such as yours.

This is the example of application letter for you
The personnel Manager
Bo99 West Fourth Street
Dayton, Ohio 45401                                                   December 11th, 2015

Dear Sir,
With reference to your advertisement in yesterday’s ‘Guardian’, I would like to apply for the post of personnel assistant.
I was struck by the fact that your first requirement for the applicant was a liking for personal contact. I have always looked for this in my profession, as a social worker in Manchester for the last two years I have had many opportunities to gain the kind of experience you are looking for.
I have helped in career selection, compiling personal record sheets and keeping documentation up to date, although I have not had many opportunities for correspondence.
My reason for seeking employment in business or industry is the prospect of earning a higher salary. As I am planning to get married, I am looking for a job where I can earn an adequate salary.
Please let me know if and when I may come for an interview. I would very much like to know more about this job.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Pan