How to Write a Goodwill Letters? This is the Special Guide for You

Writing a Proper Goodwill Letters and the Examples

A goodwill letter, as its name implies, is not written to obtain an order, or to collect outstanding bills. It is intended to pay for itself in another way, by building up goodwill. It is difficult to measure its value, but if this could be done businessmen would probably write goodwill letters more often.

There are many benefit come from goodwill letters. A goodwill letter give both the writer and the recipient pleasure when the occasion arises to enclose a gift, to send good wishes, to express thanks or to remember an anniversary.

Letters of introduction can also be a great help, both to young person starting out in a particular field of business and to the established businessman wishing to expand his operation.

For the customer, goodwill letters let customer feel that they are in touch, in good times and bad. The customer would feel glad when business friends show sympathy, when they offer assistance, and when congratulation are due.

And then, how to write a goodwill letter in a best way? Writing a good business letters is not difficult. The main idea of a goodwill letters is to show the recipient that you are in touch and care about them, whatever their condition.

Phrases used to write in goodwill letters
There are a few examples of phrases you can write in your goodwill letters.
Example for sending goodwill
1.    Welcome to New York. To help you to get to know your city better, we are sending you a map showing the principal thorough fares and the location of our bank.
2.    We greatly appreciate your comments about our airline and hope that you will continue to enjoy flying with us.

Example for sending congratulations
1.    It was with great pleasure that we heard of your appointment as Chairman. Please accept our heartiest congratulations.
2.    Please convey our best wishes and congratulation to Mr. Jason on his promotion.
3.    Congratulation to you and your wife on the birth of your beautiful daughter.
4.    We should like to send you our congratulations on the occasion of your company’s fiftieth anniversary.

Examples for sending introduction
1.    I should like to introduce Mr. Jason Regan Holmes, a personal friend of mine, who wishes to make some business contact in your area.
2.    I would be grateful if you could give him some information on local condition and prospects in your line of business.
3.    This would be a great favor, which I should be pleased to return at any time.
How to Write a Goodwill Letters? This is the Special Guide for You

This is the examples of a goodwill letter (full)

Bonds Forwarding Company BFC
999 Harbor Road, London W.I.
5th December, 2015

Mr. Theodor Bonds

Looking through our files yesterday, I realized that it is just twenty years since we started business together. So I’m really glad to have the opportunity of saying “Thank You” for your regular custom.
Your recommendations to other potential customers have also shown me that you appreciate the service we offer.
We grateful, and look forward to continuing our long association.

Your sincerely,

John Reagan
Bonds Forwarding Company BFC

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